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Into It is a weekly pop culture podcast by Elle Collins. In each episode, Elle is joined by one or more guests for a conversation about a specific pop culture obsession. The show will host a wide variety of interesting people and give them a chance to talk about the things they love. The guests include poets, dancers, writers, editors, teachers, artists, and journalists. The topics include movies, TV shows, books, comics, and music. Into It's scope is deliberately broad, leaving its future wide open.

Into It 74: All-Star Superman with Kieran Shiach

Kieran Shiach, co-host of Journey into Misery and Elle's colleague at Comics Alliance, is on the show for a very in-depth discussion of All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's much-beloved comic of a decade past. The influence of the Silver Age, the nature of Lex Luthor, the importance of Earth Q, and the differences from current continuity are all covered, and more.

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INTO IT art by Lauren Moran.