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Into It is a weekly pop culture podcast by Elle Collins. In each episode, Elle is joined by one or more guests for a conversation about a specific pop culture obsession. The show will host a wide variety of interesting people and give them a chance to talk about the things they love. The guests include poets, dancers, writers, editors, teachers, artists, and journalists. The topics include movies, TV shows, books, comics, and music. Into It's scope is deliberately broad, leaving its future wide open.

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Into It 57: Midnighter with Jon Erik Christianson

Writer Jon Erik Christianson is on the show to talk about one of the most exciting superhero comics on the shelves right now, Midnighter, which is written by Steve Orlando, with art by ACO and others. Along the way, the topic often veers into the portrayal of gay and queer superheroes in general, a topic that Jon and Elle both have plenty of thoughts about. Plus Prometheus, Dick Grayson, Freedom Beast, and Elle even finds an excuse to talk about the Wrath.

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Into It 49: Justice League with Katie Schenkel

Writer and podcaster Katie Schenkel is here to talk about the animated classic Justice League, including its revamped incarnation as Justice League Unlimited. Flash (specifically Wally West) is the best, Hawkman is the worst, and superheroes, especially Superman and Batman, should be friends. Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Amanda Waller, and Catwoman (who's not even in this series) are also the best.

Follow Katie on Twitter and read her piece about the importance of Supergirl and Jessica Jones on ComicsAlliance.

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Into It 48: Jubilee with Bri Rudd

Bri Rudd's back to talk about her favorite X-Man, Jubilee. Fireworks vs plasma vs vampire vs baby, the perils of being an unapologetic teenage girl, the Robin to Wolverine's Batman, and the relative merits of various girl/girl ships. We're both being very careful not get our hopes up about X-Men movies.

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Into It 40: Aquaman with Megan Nielsen

Art Student Megan Nielsen is on the show to talk about their favorite superhero, Aquaman. The ebb and flow of soft reboots, blue costumes, hook hands, the tragedy of Aquababy, and the problem with Dolphin. Black Manta is the evilest, but Garth is the worst. 

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Into It 4: X-Men and Marvel Continuity with J. Rachel Edidin

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Writer, editor, and podcaster Rachel Edidin of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men joins Elle for the nerdiest episode yet. What starts as a discussion of the X-Men expands into a consideration of the Marvel Universe and its complex history and continuity. Jean Grey's new beginning, Franklin Richards' effect on continuity, and the never-ending awfulness of Hank Pym. What playlist would Kitty Pryde make, and what playlist would you make for Kitty Pryde?

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